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Learn How to Successfully
Apply to Law School

Nearly 50,000 people apply to law school every year. But so many fail to write stellar applications; thus, missing out on getting into better schools and receiving substantial scholarships.

My name is Peg Cheng and I have helped thousands of people successfully apply to law school for 12 years. While it’s been deeply rewarding to help pre-lawyers succeed, it’s time for me to start a new adventure. I closed Prelaw Guru in 2016, but the site will remain up as a FREE resource for law school applicants.

My books, tips, and videos were accurate to the best of my ability as of July 2016, but they have NOT been updated since then. Please research current law school application procedures as you prepare your application.

I’m now a writer and writing teacher, and I don’t offer law school application services anymore. You can find me at

Good luck, future lawyers. I wish you all the best!

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