Peg Cheng, founder of Prelaw Guru and law school admissions consultant, loves helping people apply to law school.

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Learn How to Successfully
Apply to Law School

Nearly 60,000 people apply to law school every year. The problem is so many people fail to turn in their best possible application, missing out on getting into better schools and receiving valuable scholarships. If you are reading this, take heart--you have taken the first step towards a more successful outcome.

"Guru" in Sanskrit means "teacher." The mission of Prelaw Guru is to teach people how to kick ass on their law school applications.

Peg Cheng, founder of Prelaw Guru and seasoned law school admissions consultant, loves helping pre-lawyers reach their goals. From Hawaii to Harvard, Peg has helped thousands of people get into the law schools of their dreams.

Ready to work hard? Ready to kick ass? Ready to make your law school dreams come true? Then read on!

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