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Law School Application Consulting Services

At Prelaw Guru, we believe that applying to law school involves hard work, but it doesn’t have to be a drag. It can also be fun and empowering, leading to more confidence and deeper self-knowledge.

Peg Cheng founder of Prelaw Guru, loves working with pre-lawyers from all walks of life. From expert essay editing to honest and direct law school admissions consulting to awesome classes, Peg offers a variety of services to help you kick ass on your law school applications.

10 Steps to a Successful Law School Application

Law School Application ClassWant to apply to law school? Overwhelmed by the process? Not sure where to start?

Sign up for this FREE online class and learn how to put together your best application for law school!

Taught by law school admissions expert Peg Cheng via a mix of videos, straightforward exercises, and short readings, you will come away from this class feeling informed, confident and ready to apply to law school. Also, you will have the chance to have your questions answered by Peg in an online forum.

"Peg, I am so grateful for the resources that you shared. This course was amazingly informative..." -- Robin

Cost: $0.00 and yours to keep. Revised and updated for Fall 2014!

To receive all 10 lessons at once, click HERE.

To receive one lesson per day for 10 days, click HERE.

Write Your Personal Statement in 7 Days

Personal Statement ClassStressed about writing your personal statement for law school? Not sure which of your life experiences to write about? Think you have a boring life and have nothing to write about?

Sign up for this online class and write a draft of your law school personal statement in just 7 days!

This class is taught by law school admissions expert Peg Cheng via a mix of 15 video lessons, simple writing exercises, short readings and online discussions. You also receive a 45-minute phone or Skype consultation with Peg to discuss your top five statement topic ideas.

"Wow, I am so happy I took this course...I am very proud of my draft...Thanks, Peg!" -- Carolina

For more info, a sample video lesson, and how to register, click HERE.

Law School Admissions Consulting Overview

Law School ConsultingPeg Cheng here. I love being the owner, boss and sole employee of Prelaw Guru. I don’t just do this for a living; I do it because I am passionate about the work.

I work with hundreds of people through my online classes, but in order to provide excellent services in a timely manner, I work with only 20-25 consulting clients per year.

Starting in June, the Basics, Deluxe and Supreme packages become available for the Fall application season. Register early in the application season. Once my practice is full, I close registrations.

Wondering what it’ll be like to work together? It’s a good thing to wonder about. To find out, read my blog post on What it’s Like to Work with Peg.

If you’re ready to get started, purchase a package below and we will get to work. If you’re not ready yet, contact me. Happy to answer any questions you have. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

The Basics Package - 3 critiques and 3 consultations in 30 days.

The BasicsThe Basics Package is a great option for law school applicants who want edits and critiques of their personal statement, diversity statement, addendum, resume and/or other essays. All of the following is included.

  • Three written critiques by Peg Cheng. You will receive constructive comments and detailed edits on how to make your document more concise and engaging. Choose three edits of one document or one edit each of three documents. Mix and match--the choice is yours.
  • Three 45-minute phone or Skype consultations to discuss and clarify ways to improve your drafts, as well as any other law school application questions you might have.

Cost: $749. Services must be utilized within 30 days. Read our Terms and Conditions. With this package, you have the option to upgrade to the Deluxe or Supreme Package.

The Deluxe Package - Unlimited consulting for applying to up to 8 law schools

The Deluxe

The Deluxe Package is a full-service consulting services option for applying to up to 8 law schools. The sooner you sign up, the more value you receive! All of the following is included.

  • Unlimited consultations by phone, Skype and email with Peg Cheng, including expert advice on letters of recommendation; choosing schools; explaining low grades, a low LSAT score, disabilities or a criminal record; scholarship offers; wait list strategies and more.
  • Unlimited critiques and edits of your personal statement, diversity statement, addenda, supplemental essays and resume, with detailed, constructive comments on how to make each document more concise and engaging.
  • Copies of all three No B.S. Guides and registration in my Personal Statement Class.

Cost: $2499. Read our Terms and Conditions.

The Supreme Package - Unlimited consulting for applying to up to 15 law schools

The Supreme

The Supreme Package is a full-service consulting services option for applying to up to 15 law schools. The sooner you sign up, the more value you receive!

The Supreme includes all the services listed above in The Deluxe Package.

This package is intended for applicants who want to apply to a large range of safety, solid, and stretch law schools to ensure more choice and potential scholarship opportunities. It is especially recommended for splitters: applicants with a high GPA and low LSAT or vice versa. Splitters often need to apply to more law schools to ensure better admissions results.

Cost: $3499. Read our Terms and Conditions.

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